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Three Reasons to Swing By the Waves of Change Festival 2022

Recently, we launched an ocean conservation project under our inaugural corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Mutant for Good. Titled Peering Into Our Future: A Series of Unfortunate Short Stories, our project is a collaboration with prominent Singaporean writers that delivers five short, unsettling, dystopian tales that imagine what might happen if no action is taken to conserve the ocean and marine life, in hopes of inspiring more people to champion ocean conservation.

This is how we became part of the Waves of Change Festival 2022, which is happening at the ArtScience Museum until 9 October. Organised by one of our partners, Coastal Natives, the Waves of Change Festival is an annual celebration of the big blue through film, art and storytelling.

Whether you’re an ocean lover or simply looking for a cool hangout idea for the weekend, here are three reasons why you should pop by the Waves of Change Festival 2022

1. You get to catch a variety of ocean-related exhibitions, films and art

Art enthusiasts, this one’s for you. From illuminating underwater photography by Singapore’s dive community to multimedia art, embroidery and entertaining films, there is lots for you to explore!

Remember to drop by our mini reading corner, where you can read the five evocative short stories while surrounded by ocean art.

2. You will learn more about ocean conservation

After going through the installations, dive deeper into the minds of the exhibits’ creators and learn practical ways to save our sea through a series of talks and workshops. This includes podcasts, meet-the-director sessions, and interactive short courses!

Check out the full event schedule here.

3. Entry is free!

Is there anything better than a free event? This means you can always revisit your favourite exhibits, or pop by again to catch the latest workshops. Waves of Change is also family friendly, making it a fun way to expose everyone in your life to the importance of saving our ocean.

Do your part for our waters by learning more about ocean conservation at the Waves of Change Festival 2022 today!

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