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Listen Up! Why Podcasts Need To Be Part of Your Public Relations Strategy

In today’s landscape of evolving media consumption habits, a strategic public relations approach tends to include engaging, long-form content. Many brands think of this as thought leadership articles, reports, and videos, but one popular source of long-form content is podcasts. Audio-based shows that people can listen to either by streaming or downloading episodes, podcasts hosted by influential content platforms, in particular, have gained immense popularity, especially among younger audiences.

The Growing Popularity of Audio Content 

A 2023 study by Acast names podcasts as the most influential media channel in Singapore. Further, 81% of podcast listeners in Asia – particularly in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan – tune in daily or weekly. The Acast study also found that over half of podcast listeners in Singapore have made a purchase after hearing about a product or service through respective podcasts.

This goes to show that podcasts are not only attracting and retaining audiences, they are engaging them effectively and influencing their purchasing decisions. For brands, this presents an incredible opportunity to reach a captive audience and reinforce brand narratives in new ways.

The Strategic Communications Opportunity

In the last couple of years, podcasts have become integral to brand promotion. An extremely versatile channel, podcasts can reach across industries, such as healthcare and finance, to include fashion, lifestyle and technology. Brands may be featured on podcasts in a number of ways, such as through guest or expert interviews, sponsorships, and ads. 

Malaysian podcasts like business-centric BFM Breakfast Grille and finance-focused Mr. Money TV have effectively showcased brands like Farm Fresh. For instance, in one recent episode, CEO Tuan Ee Loi shared about his entrepreneurial journey, and gave sound advice to fellow business owners. Hundreds of viewers commented on the episode, thanking the CEO for sharing his thoughts, and promised to support the local brand when they could.

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Podcasts can even transcend mere entertainment, becoming platforms that foster the types of social discussions that can help bridge the divide between decision-makers and the masses. A prime example of this comes from Singapore’s 2023 presidential election, where candidates actively connected with audiences on influential shows like The Daily Ketchup and The Financial Coconut. The fact that podcasts were priority channels for candidates during an election campaign emphasises their relevance as powerful tools for shaping public perspectives and discourse.

Connecting with Existing Audiences and Tapping into New Ones

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands to create a personal connection with the audience by telling their story in a genuine, unfiltered manner. This shift from a traditional media interview to a more personal and conversational format is a powerful addition to the public relations toolkit, forging a deeper connection between the brand and its audience.

Further, podcasts offer a prime opportunity to tap into new audiences and demographics, broadening the reach of strategic communications initiatives. Through careful selection of podcasts aligned with target markets and audiences, brands can extend their influence beyond traditional channels, ensuring their public relations efforts resonate with a more diverse listener base.

Positioning Spokespeople as Thought Leaders

A great way to establish company leaders and spokespeople as thought leaders who are industry experts with deep knowledge and compelling insights is to ensure podcasts are part of your strategic communications plan.

By participating in engaging discussions on relevant podcasts, company leaders can not only demonstrate their expertise but can also build trust and credibility for themselves and the brand. This thought leadership positioning is a key way to establish a strong brand narrative through strategic communications.

Consider Partnering with a PR Agency

As part of a comprehensive public relations strategy, podcasts can add a layer of depth to marketing content, creating a dynamic, multi-dimensional presence across channels including traditional media, owned media and social media.

Maximising the impact of podcasts within a public relations strategy often requires expertise in navigating the podcast landscape. Partnering with a public relations agency can help ensure brands strategically position themselves for maximum impact on influential content platforms, including podcasts, and enhance the effectiveness of public relations efforts.

Recognising the potential of podcasts is critical for businesses today. After all, to remain relevant, public relations strategies must adapt to changing demographics and media consumption patterns: and podcasts are not a flash-in-the-pan trend. They’re here to stay and are only growing in popularity.

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