How Company Cultures Help Drive Positive Publicity

Positive publicity is not something that can be manufactured – it’s a byproduct of a company’s authenticity and commitment to its values. When a company is looking to enhance its reputation, boost brand equity, and foster positive relationships with stakeholders, a well-executed public relations (PR) campaign can go a long way.. While effective strategies, messaging, and communication tactics are vital components of a successful PR campaign, an often overlooked – but equally important – factor is the company culture.

When internal campaigns are driven by a strong corporate culture, they’re more likely to ring with authenticity and resonate more deeply with external stakeholders. A company’s culture can play a significant role in shaping public perception and contribute to the effectiveness and impact of PR campaigns. Here’s how: 

Boosting authenticity and credibility

When an organisation’s values, mission, and actions align with its PR messages, it creates an inherent sense of trust and credibility. And PR teams, whether in-house or at an agency, can leverage this authentic culture to craft compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience, establishing a strong reputation of consistency and transparency for the company in the long run.

Inspiring employee advocacy

Employee advocacy can be a powerful tool for brands. When employees genuinely believe in and align with the company’s values, they naturally become more engaged and passionate about their work, leading them to become a brand ambassador and advocate for their employer. And this enthusiasm can extend to their interactions with external stakeholders, such as customers and the media.

One example of this comes from Gojek in Indonesia, where the company spotlights and connects with  employees through an Instagram account, @lifeatgojek. Because the account is public, this also allows people outside of the company to understand more about Gojek’s values and mission, as well as what it is like to work there.

Employees who feel valued, respected, and motivated are more likely to share positive experiences, stories, and achievements, bolstering the company culture publicity among the audience. Their authentic testimonials can be invaluable assets for media outreach, social media engagement, and content creation.

Fuelling innovation and adaptability

A vibrant and innovative company culture can fuel creativity and adaptability, which are essential for PR success.  A culture that encourages open dialogue and diverse perspectives can foster breakthrough ideas and unconventional approaches in PR campaigns that embrace emerging trends and technologies. This attitude can, in turn, help brands capture attention, differentiate themselves from competitors, and deliver impactful, resonant messages.

While a well-planned PR campaign requires strategic thinking, effective messaging, and tactical execution, the underlying company culture can play a pivotal role in driving its success. 

By cultivating a culture of authenticity, employee advocacy, innovation, and adaptability, brands can lay a strong foundation for their positive publicity. A positive company culture not only enhances internal morale and employee engagement – it also helps create PR campaigns that can positively influence external stakeholders, and shape the perception of the brand. 

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