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As a new restaurant in Singapore, Bakalaki needed to announce their launch in May 2017. With a competitive dining scene in Singapore, the Greek restaurant wanted to communicate their posting and offering to media and consumers across platforms.

Mutant helped to open Bakalaki’s door and invite the public and media to get a taste of the Greek culture. Announcing the launch of the Greek taverna, Mutant organised events and tasting to present the unique offering of Greek wines, beers and food to the local media. During and following the launch, Mutant helped to build and manage partnerships as well as take care of social and digital management, supporting Bakalaki’s marketing. Understanding the authentic Mediterranean experience, we also helped to develop and design full marketing collaterals for the restaurant and events.

The launch communication was a success with 0ver 50 media placements across F&B, lifestyle and business publications. As part of the on-going retainer, Mutant coordinates all external enquires and media drops, securing a partnership with Shopify. Handling all social media efforts for the restaurant, the social fan base grew organically to over 2,600 in 3 months.


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