Case Study:

Trouble Brewing


Job Scope

PR, Social Media


Ongoing PR and social media retainer


To raise awareness for the business, its ongoing events, new brand launches and PR/social support for ongoing sales.


Mutant has been working with Trouble Brewing since its launch in 201. Through ongoing PR and social media support, Mutant's remit is to raise awareness for the brand, its regular events and new beer launches. Mutant played an instrumental role in the brand’s paid digital ad campaigns, which was crucial when Trouble Brewing had to temporarily shift its business model from B2B to B2C, going completely online, due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Singapore.


0 x
return on ad spend
with digital campaign
cases of beer
sold in 48 hours
turnaround with a
new eCommerce site


  • Mutant's support has helped Trouble Brewing become the biggest independent local craft brewery in Singapore.
  • After COVID-19 restrictions, Mutant was instrumental in a 24-hour turnaround to set up an entirely new eCommerce platform, with 200 cases of beer sold in 48 hours after going live.
  • During this period, Mutant also helped with a full digital strategy that led to a 20.3x return on ad spend.