Hey ho recruiters, it’s time to show the passive crowd some lovin’

News flash: Providing a tofu-smooth hiring and job seeking experience today serves as a no-brainer fundamental of a recruitment business.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a business sales target you’re not meeting and your team is close to exhausting your cold call list.

It’s convenient to revisit your list, but here are two possible consequences:

  1. An unmotivated sales team
  2. Annoyed, cold-called recipients who will remember you – for all the wrong reasons

In other news, most companies today already have a recruitment firm of choice that they turn to in times of need, as with job candidates. Until absolutely necessary, your compelling sales pitch alone is no longer enough to move them.

Today, most recruitment business strategies still revolve around the direct business audience – the active employers and jobseekers. When we look past them, there lies an oft-neglected crowd who does not need you yet, that you should set your sights on.

Hijack them

Of course, there are many ways to bring attention to your business – attending events and conferences, sales calling and advertising. But there are also other less intrusive and subtle alternatives to get the job done.

The trick is to gather gather leads – to get people interested in what you do and to know what you can do for them.

But I’m already spending heaps on advertising?  

Great job! Advertising is a surefire way of raising your brand’s visibility by leaps and bounds.

But did you also know that people are increasingly discerning about the content they consume, and that the use of ad-blocks is the heaviest amongst the millennials – the very people who are likely to be considering a career switch some time in the near future?

Now picture a portion of your marketing budget getting flushed down the toilet.

Make people come to you  

To do that, you would first need to give people what they need, and by that I don’t mean another sales pitch.

People know you’re a recruitment firm. It’s time you venture deeper into this relationship with some quality content pieces, sans the jargons.

Shy away from sales speak, and instead try telling people something they don’t already know about your business; perhaps IT is not the highest paying job in Singapore this year? Maybe wearing a floral shirt to a job interview is the worst idea ever? Should employers begin looking beyond paper qualifications when it comes to hiring?

What’s a hot topic to chat about right now? What do people want to know? Or even better still, bring about attention to a lesser known or discussed about topic.

Knowing how to effectively communicate these thoughts to your intended audience is crucial, and a great way to build trust for your brand – essentially generating more leads for your business.

Stretch that content

To get the most out of your content, spread it like wildfire across various platforms and formats. In one of our previous blog posts, we share in greater detail about how you can do more with a piece of your content by plastering it everywhere in a meaningful manner.

How are people responding to your content?

Leaving your content untouched once it goes live on your website is the biggest mistake you can make. You need to share it with the world.

Be sure to set time aside to monitor it’s performance and make use of free tools such as Facebook or Google Analytics, or even your back-end website analytical tools.

Some pointers to keep in mind:

  • What is the % increase of site traffic since the first content piece was published?
  • Who came through to your content via organic searches?
  • What is the best or worst performing content?
  • How long are people staying on your page for?
  • Where did they click next after landing on a piece of content?

While these clicks or figures do not always have a direct impact on sales targets, it speaks volumes about the level of engagement people have with your content, taking them one step ahead in their consideration process.

At the end of the day, it’s really about how you utilise the data to better tailor your content and business strategy to reach your target crowd, in this case, the dormant folks that matters.

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5 reasons Millennials and PR agencies are the perfect match

The Millennial generation are making their mark on the professional workforce, gradually climbing the corporate ladder and bagging leadership roles, with many taking an entrepreneurial path and running their own successful business.

There are a lot of opinions out there about this (large) group of individuals, who make up a huge percentage of today’s workforce. Some say they’re entitled, narcissistic and lazy – but if you can harness their potential in the right ways, you might see the magic that makes this chosen generation a special one.

Speaking from first-hand experience as a Millennial myself, we can break away from the archaic and stiff stereotype office environment, and are fiercely creative. We thrive on collaborating and brainstorming, but can also be independent workers who enjoy the alternative, less beaten path and the thrill of a challenge.

We can help push the envelope for your brand, forcing and enabling your team to come up with better and more challenging ideas that stray away from cookie cutter corporations. We’re not perfect – and there are always going to be challenges for companies managing multi-generational employees – but we can give that edge and bite you might need.

If you’re on a bit of a hiring spree for your business or agency, keep in mind the following reasons Millennials can help with your overall workflow and success.

  1.     We multitask like we were born juggling

I’ve got my headphones plugged into Mixcloud, both Whatsapp, Facebook and my email open on my browser, and I’m Skyping colleagues while writing this blog.

Millennials are natural multitaskers, having grown up in a distracting world full of screens, bright lights and loud noises. Yes, for some it can be distracting – I mean, it’s not like we’re all the same – but a rather natural ability to multitask forces us to practice discipline and time management to get top priority tasks done.

  1.     Creativity and brainstorming is our bread and butter

We thrive on collaboration and forming ideas. We enjoy the social aspect of work, throwing ideas around and drawing on others’ expertise and knowledge to shape our own thoughts and opinions. We like strategy, and we like to feel part of something bigger. We want the big picture to feature our faces (perhaps this is where we get someone narcissistic…), meaning we’re willing to put in the creative work needed to execute big campaigns and manage dynamic clients.

  1.     We’re outspoken

Millennials aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Because we want to be heard, we are confident in our abilities and won’t hesitate to share our ideas, thoughts and displeasure equally. However, this doesn’t always work in our favour – it’s easy to come across as unreasonable or defensive, but with the right management and support in place, we can very much harness our strong opinions in the right way for your business.

  1.     We’re hyper-aware

We are in tuned with current affairs, trends and understand how social media works. We scroll through our feed in the morning like reading the papers. We’re present on multiple platforms, taking in bite-sized pieces of information about what is happening around the world around us, making sure we don’t miss anything. Sure, sometimes our knowledge isn’t in-depth, but you can’t argue that most of us don’t have an awareness of the latest news and trends. This can only help with building ideas for campaigns and story ideas for journalists that are timely and interesting.

  1.     We are egalitarian – and we expect our employers to be, too

Our generation is a diverse one. We have progressed to become more understanding and accepting of cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation and much more, and we are therefore generally empathetic to differences. This is especially helpful when it comes to client management in a social setting; we’re more aware of different cultural practices such as bowing, saying “cheers” in different languages, and so on.

At the end of the day, Millennials aren’t really all that different from the generations before them in terms of what they want to get out of their lives. They simply come from a different, more modern, background – and depending on the individual and the company they work for, this could work for or against them.

Intuition, skill, capabilities, attitude and a smidgen of luck all play a part in achieving your ideal hire. All the best!

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